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Wholesome Living Real Mushroom Seasoning Powder 150g

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2 reviews

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  MSG FREE. Made from real mushroom, produced by freeze-dehydration of dried mushroom, thus keeping the nutrients, freshness with strong and rich taste.

Key Features
- FREE from MSG.
- Made with real mushrooms
- Rice and strong mushroom taste
- Tasty & healthy
- Suitable for Vegetarian
- Great for cooking and put into soup.
- No Additives
- No Colouring

Mushrooms, hericium, bamboo fungus, powder, sea salt, rice powder, yeast extract, white pepper, hydrolysed vegetable protein, soy powder and brown sugar.

Cooking suggestion
As soup base: 5 teaspoons (5g) in 1000ml of water
As seasoning in a dish: ½ teaspoon

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place
Net Weight: 150g

Product of Taiwan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love this mushroom powder. Pure taste and natural 👍


My first time bought it and like the mushroom seasoning. The ingredients listed down clearly and No unknown scientific words for flavour enhancer. Total carbohydrate is zero compared previously I ate others brands still have certain percentage. 👍😊