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Wholesome Living Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder 130g

RM 10.50 RM 10.90

Organic Cayenne Powder (Capsicum Annum). Made from organic dried, ground cayenne peppers.

Key Features:
- No Preservatives
- Non Irradiated
- Gluten Free
- Rich source of potassium, calcium and vitamins
- Contains capsaicin which can stimulates the digestive system by encouraging the output of gastric fluids
- Only Use Organic Ingredients

Suggestion use:
- Used in the preparation of spicy dishes in different cuisine
- As a spice in cooking or as a condiment at the table
- Sprinkled over soups and dishes
- Go with roasted, grilled, fried or stewed meats
- Dusting for fried chicken, fish and vegetables.
- Gargle water mixed with cayenne pepper as a treatment for sore throats and strep throat.

Net Weight:

Store in cool and dry place, avoid sunlights.

Product of India

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