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[CNY 2023 Bundle] Wholesome Living Bentong Old Ginger Powder 100g x 2

RM 38.00 RM 39.80

Planted in cold weather in Pahang's mountain, with fertile soil, able to grow to great size and rich in nutritional value. Bentong Ginger has a more mellow taste and a warm woody flavour, which has a strong carminative function. Bentong Ginger is rich in Gingerols and doesn't contain fibrous pulp, which is easier to consume

Key Features
- Direct from farm
- Made with real ginger
- Helps to promote blood circulation
- Carminative, aid digestion, great for bloated stomach
- Can be used for dessert or cooking
- Tasty & healthy
- No synthetic fertilisers, chemicals or irradiation are used in the cultivation, storing or processing of the ginger.

Ingredient(s): 100% Bentong Old Ginger

Serving suggestion
Mix 1 teaspoon (3g) of the Bentong Ginger powder with 150ml of hot water.
You also may use the powder for cooking.

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place

Net Weight: 100g

Product of Malaysia


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