WholeLife Northeast Naturally Cultivated Black Fungus 100g

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Northeastern black fungus is not just a tasty food, it's a healthy treasure that nurtures both body and mind. It's rich in nutrients, picked fresh for quality assurance, naturally organic for safe consumption, and versatile for various uses.

Nutritional value:

• Rich in gelatinous edible fungi

• High protein content

• 18 kinds of amino acids

• High content of Vitamin B2

• High calcium content

• High phosphorus content

• High iron content


• Natural blood tonic

• Cleanses the body

• Anti-graying effect on hair

• Aids weight loss, prevents cancer, and relieves constipation

• Supports heart and brain health

• Assists in weight loss

How to take:

Soak the black fungus until soft, then slice or add whole pieces to dishes for a unique flavor enhancement.


• Prior to use, ensure thorough soaking to soften and remove impurities.

• Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 1 years

Caution: People with hemorrhagic stroke, digestion problems, bleeding disorders, allergies to this product, and pregnant women should consume with caution.

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