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Sunflower Pure Basmathi Premium Pusa 1121 (cream) 2kg

RM 25.00

Let you have the enjoyment of the sunlight shining everywhere. The feelings of love, happiness and excitement arise while everyone gathers to have meal together is just like the sun bringing the warmness which is so infinite. Taking Sunflower Rice may make you feel happier.

Key Features
Pure basmathi
Premium pusa 1121 (cream),
Long-shaped grain
Low GI index, suitable for diabetic patients
Parboiled, Cholesterol and gluten free

Lowest GI of all rice types
Enhances Fibre Intake
Helps in Weight Loss
Helps lower the blood pressure

1 Mineral and vitamin contain at rice bran
2 Steaming allowed the nutrients to transfer from hule into grain
3 The parboiled rice had the 80% of the brown rice nutrients even after the process of polish

Preparation and Usage
Cooking Method
1 Put in 2 cups of rice.
2 Rinse the rice.
3 Put in 4 cups of water. (2 cups of water for every cup of rice)
4 Switch on the cooker. Do not open the cover and stir rice during cooking time.
5 After rice is cooked, let it simmer for 10-15 minutes and the rice is ready to serve.

Recommended for
Suitable for all
Good for people with diabetes

Halal - Malaysia

Origin from Punjab, India


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Beras bekualiti.. kembang n panjang elok bila dimasak. Puas hati masak nasi baryani pakai beras ni. Tq seller


I always buy this brand of rice only for cooking, it’s very good and clean, good quality.

Michelle Lxx

Good & healthy quality rice, have been eating Sunflower Pure Basmathi Premium rice for a few years.