Sunflower Premium Parboiled Rice 5kg

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Unlike brown and white rice, the process for parboiled rice begins before the hull is removed. The complete grain of rice is soaked, parboiled and dried, then the hull is removed to make parboiled rice.
Because of the special processing, parboiled rice retained a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice.

The parboiling enables the rice to absorb nutrients and changes the starch so that it cooks into a firmer, less sticky dish of rice than regular white rice.This rice offers a more subtle flavor than white rice as well as more of the original vitamins and minerals found in rice grains without the nutty flavor of whole grain brown rice.

By using Parboiling technology from India, we can consistently ensure the freshness and the Nutrient level of Premium Parboiled Rice

- Gluten Free
- High Nutrition
- High Fibre
- Low GI

- Selected Paddy from North Malaysia
- Parboiling techniques - adopt India Techniques
- HACCP and ISO certified
- HALAL Certified


Customer Reviews

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Aziz Axxxx

Definitely my favorite food for lunch. Tastes very nice especially when I cook it with the correct amount of water and a little bit of extra virgin coconut oil added on. Great for people with high bp or diabetics as claimed.

Sherene Lxx

The rice has a yellowish tinge to it. I think its normal. The rice texture cooks like barley a little bit. Slightly on the stiff side like brown rice. But if you want it to taste fluffier or softer like normal white rice, I suggest soaking the rice for 20 mins.... Then its perfectly cooked.

Desmond Oxx

The rice is great for everyone who wants healthier lifestyle. Really suitable for diabetic patients and public in general. Always get low GI content.

Angel Txxxx

Taste great and good choice for family with diabetes, it’s healthier. Try taking this instead of normal fragrance or white rice. This really helps a lot for diabetes’ family, it won’t worries you even if you are a rice lover