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Dodum Korean Jujube Essence 100ml x30s

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Dodum Korean Jujube Essence. The Traditional Korean Secret to Youth & Beauty.

Ingredient: 100% Natural Korean Jujube (Red Dates) Extract

Rich in nutrients that can boost your energy and improve your focus.
Help to nourish your blood, improve relieve and regulate menstrual problems
High in antioxidant flavonoids and vitamin C, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

ORIGIN: Bo-eun, South Korea (Only using red dates farmed and harvested fresh from their own farm in the Boeun-gun that is famous for its high-quality red dates and pollution-free environment)
Premium Quality, Highly Concentrated, Rich in Nutrients
- 1 pack = 250g dried jujube extract
- Calories: 41 kcal/pack
- Ready to drink
- No Colouring, Flavouring, Preservative,
- No Added Sugar
- Sulphur Dioxide& Pesticide Free (SGS Tested)
- Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in cool dry place
- HALAL Certified

Drink 1-2 pack a day

How to consume
- Tear & consume directly. Drink it hot or cold
- You may also diluted it with water
- Mix with other beverages (eg: Soya, barley, milk and more!)
- Use for cooking (porridge, herbal soup etc)

Recommended for:
1. Before & after menstrual cycle
2. Feeling tired and lethargic
3. Pale & dull complexion
4. Pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers
5. Cold hands & feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Betty Sulxxxxx

Expiry date lama lg. product effective for blood circulation. Period cycle bertambah baik. 2nd time repeat buying from this seller.


Helps me sleep & feel energized. Before taking these jujube dates, sleep will usually take longer, but after trying out for a week I can get into sleep very quick and have not been waking up in the middle of sleep, also the quality of my sleep is very good. The length of sleep is not as long as before but I still regain my energy in such a shorter period. My daily routine now also feels more productive and effective, and I feel healthier. Am now ordering my 3rd box!

Glowing skin

Tastes great! Been using it for 3 weeks and feel I notice a difference in my skin, so soft and well hydrated!

Segixx Lxx

以前要喝浓厚的红枣水,要在晚上临睡前把200-300克的红枣放进Slow cooker,隔天才有得喝。


红枣精华,名不虚传!非常的kaw 又好喝。我喝了一个月后,经期时不会痛到要MC,也不会那么烦躁了。还有就是喝了它过后不久身体会觉得暖暖的,不会风一吹就觉得冷了。