Dodum Korean Jujube Essence 100ml X 5 Packs X 3 Boxes

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Dodum Korean Jujube Essence. The Traditional Korean Secret to Youth & Beauty.

Ingredient: 100% Natural Korean Jujube (Red Dates) Extract

Rich in nutrients that can boost your energy and improve your focus.
Help to nourish your blood, improve relieve and regulate menstrual problems
High in antioxidant flavonoids and vitamin C, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

ORIGIN: Bo-eun, South Korea (Only using red dates farmed and harvested fresh from their own farm in the Boeun-gun that is famous for its high-quality red dates and pollution-free environment)
Premium Quality, Highly Concentrated, Rich in Nutrients
- 1 pack = 250g dried jujube extract
- Calories: 41 kcal/pack
- Ready to drink
- No Colouring, Flavouring, Preservative,
- No Added Sugar
- Sulphur Dioxide& Pesticide Free (SGS Tested)
- Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in cool dry place
- HALAL Certified

Drink 1-2 pack a day

How to consume
- Tear & consume directly. Drink it hot or cold
- You may also diluted it with water
- Mix with other beverages (eg: Soya, barley, milk and more!)
- Use for cooking (porridge, herbal soup etc)

Recommended for:
1. Before & after menstrual cycle
2. Feeling tired and lethargic
3. Pale & dull complexion
4. Pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers
5. Cold hands & feet


Customer Reviews

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Nice concentrated version. My PMS Saviour!I’ve been searching for a while now for a good brand for Korean red dates that is 100% natural and so happy I discovered this brand. My period cramps and migraines have eased up so much ever taking this.

Lovexx Anxxx

之前我朋友贫血头晕 都是拿这个红枣水补
一包一包 很方便❤️❤️不用花时间

Margxx xxxlit

I truly appreciate this product since it conditioned my body so well during my confinement period, especially while breastfeeding.


Easy and convenient to drink. I mixed with some cold water and it diluted the slight bitter after taste. Hopefully it ll help to boost breastmilk production.

Wendy Lexxx

My hands and feet often feel cold before I start drinking Dodum Jujube Essence. Thankfully, I get to know Dodum Jujube Essence from a friend. After drinking it for a week, my body feels warm and I’m energized to perform daily tasks