Biotropics Nu-Prep Lelaki Health Supplement 10s

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NU-PREP Lelaki 10s 

What it does: 
The best men's health supplement, activated by Physta®, designed to recharge energy and stamina from within, while also improving muscle strength and overall health. 

Key Benefits: 
- Increases testosterone (hormone) levels to an optimum level. 
- Provides sustained energy throughout the day. 
- Improves body strength and aids in muscle recovery. 
- Enhances body immunity. 
- Overcomes fatigue and alleviates joint pains (Anti-inflammatory). 
- Improves blood circulation. 

- Contains pure Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) extracts, branded as PHYSTA®. 
- Extracted using water, retaining full bioactive ingredients. 

- The World's First Patented Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (PHYSTA). 
- Clinically and Scientifically Proven by Experts. 

Direction of Use: 
- Take 2 capsules together daily with a meal, preferably after breakfast. 
- Benefits are typically felt after three weeks of continuous, uninterrupted use.* 

Good to Know: 
- Vegan-friendly. 
- Clinically tested. 
- Certified Halal by JAKIM  (MS 2424 5 067-08/2004) 
- Approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MAL 09051452T) 

Special Instruction/Precautions: 
- Not recommended for pregnant women. 

Storage Instruction: Protect from light and moisture. Keep below 30°C. 

*The effects also depend on lifestyle, as well as the physical and physiological state of the individual.


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