BioTest Liver Function Test Kit - 2 Test

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Product Description 
Urine test strips are special strips of paper that are used in urine dipstick test. A urine sample is collected in a container and a single test strip is dipped into the sample. Test strips used in urine dipstick will be able to test for various components such as protein, glucose, ketones, presence of blood and pH, just to name a few. Some test strips are able to show quantitative results, while some others will only show if the tested parameter is positive or negative. There are also many other different types of urine test strips such as the BioTest Liver Function Test Kit 2s which caters to specific needs. 

The best urine samples for a urine test strip is from a clean catch, also known as midstream urine. This will require first urinating then passing the pot to collect the sample and taking the container away before the stream ends. The sample should be collected in a sterile container and there is no need to stop urinating in between. Always practice good hand-washing techniques before and after collecting and performing a urine strip test. 

Urine test strips can be used as a means of screening for early identification of likely diseases, like urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract injury, or even basic liver function, which will allow prompt investigation to reach a definitive diagnosis and further treatment as required. They are also a good tool to monitor treatment effectiveness by healthcare professionals. Urine test strips are useful for self-monitoring under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

Introduction of BioTest Liver Function Test Kit 2s 

The Bio Test Liver Function Test Kit comprises two dip-and-read strips that are used to determine the levels of bilirubin and uro-bilinogen in urine specimens as a screening tool for liver and gall bladder issues. 

Bio Test Liver Function Test Kit benefits: 

It’s Simple 
A urine collection cup is included with the Bio Test Liver Function Test Kit packaging. Simply collect your urine, dip the test, and quickly remove it. 

It’s Quick 
Contrast the strip’s color with the color table at the back of the box. Read the interpretation given in the box’s Instructions for Use. 

It Is Dependable 
The test is quite accurate, and it is the same test that doctors and laboratories use to evaluate urine. 

How To Use 
1.To begin, urinate into the cup.
2. Remove the test strip and quickly immerse it in urine.
3. Wait between 30 and 60 seconds.
4. Contrast the colors on the strip with those on the box.
5. For results, refer to the instruction handbook.

What’s in the box: 2 test strips + 1 IFU + 1 urine collection cup per box 

MDA Reg no : IVDB6371790717 

HSA Reg no : DE0012961


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