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Bigbreathe Double Action Inspiratory Muscle Trainer (IMT/PEP)

RM 189.00


The Double Action Breathing Trainer is a scientifically proven respiratory medical device that enables breathing exercises in three modes: Inhalation, Exhalation, and Inhalation + Exhalation. This device effectively improves respiratory functions and rehabilitationMODE 1 IMT - INHALATION - Expands lung capacity and oxygen intake - Increases respiratory muscle strength and muscle endurance - Increases stamina and exercises toleranceMODE 2 PEP - EXHALATION - Improves central and peripheral airway function - Prevents mucus accumulation - Detoxifies the body and reduces blood pressureMODE 3 IMT + PEP - EXHALATION + INHALATION - Trains inhalation + exhalation simultaneously - Improves breathing resistance and endurance - Promotes effective breathing patterns