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BGreen uFit Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration

RM 6,120.00 RM 6,800.00

You only need 15 minutes a day to achieve walking 10,000 steps or 9 kilometers. Exercise is the most effortless & easiest way! 

No matter you are seated or standing, exercise 15 minutes a day to maintain your exercise habits in an easy way! 

Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration: 
Clinical researches and studies have proven that it can achieve comprehensive health benefits through vertical vibration. 
Its innovative exercising method combining sports medicine technology makes exercise safer and more effective. 
It is the best alternative exercise for those who are lazy to exercise, unable to exercise, and no time or space to exercise. 

6 main design features: 
✅High-quality beech with warm texture – Acquired from the forest, you can feel the natural atmosphere even if exercising at home. 
✅Golden ratio design – Combines aesthetics with mechanics, it is a delicate and superior elegant appearance. 
✅Eco-friendly and power-saving – 50W power, it consumes only 0.05 kWh in one hour which saves electricity, power-saving and environmentally friendly. 
✅AV100-240 universal full-voltage – Make vibration equipment accessible around the world! 
✅120kg Capacity – Compact size with large loads capacity, suitable for the use of the whole family. 
✅Ultra-quiet and powerful motor design – Special-developed motor along with high-precision mechanical modules make bgreen sports furniture comfortable and ultra-quiet. 

Let the exercise sports furniture filled every corner of the house! 

- Product name:uFit Forest Mind Vibration Equipment 
- Model No:R1 
- Frequency:About 4 ~ 13 Hz
- Amplitude:About 2 mm - Operation:7 Level Frequency, 3 Auto Programs 
- Program : 7 Band Fixed Frequency + 3 Automatic Program Functions 
- Time setting:15 min. 
- Main material:High hardness steel+ Beech solid wood 
- Voltage: AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50









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