Popi Awan To-go Lotion Face Towels 40 pulls x3 packs

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Since the introduction of LotionSoft Tissues, we received plenty of compliments regarding the softness and smoothness of our tissues. (Thanks to all Popers!) However, we received even more requests for single-use cotton towels made softer and smoother too. After some time spent on research and development, Popi is proud to present to you our LotionSoft Face Towels for cleansing & skin toning. This All New Series comes in 2 forms, a box edition with cover for home use and a travel sized for vacations+getaways, try them out today!    


Our softest and smoothest cotton fibre face towels ever produced  

Won’t hurt your skin or cause redness so easily, unlike other drier & rougher face towels  

Include face towels in your cleansing/skincare routine daily to achieve cleaner & clearer skin    


Type: Single-use Lotion Face Towels  

Specialty: Easier to carry for travel & outdoor uses  

Material: Cotton Fibres  

Infusions: Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid & Coconut Glycerin  

Texture: Pearl Patterned + Smooth Unembossed  

Sheet Size: M size (15 cm x 20 cm)  

Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacturing date  

Qualifications: SGS Dermatologically Tested, GMP, ISO9001, Class 100000 Cleanroom (Dust+Germ Free)

Let's practice a new way to clean our face!  

Step 1: Wash your face with cleanser.  

Step 2: Wet Super Towel with some water.  

Step 3: Gently wipe your face to clean.  

Step 4: Get a clean and happy face!    

Other Usage Suggestions  

Water Absorption  

- Pull 1 sheet wipe your face after facial cleansing, gently dab onto your skin to absorb excess water droplets. Refrain from using dirty towels or cloths to dry your face for the best results.    

Makeup/Nail Polish Removal  

- Super Towels can replace cotton pads during makeup removal, pull 1 sheet and fold into quarters, pour an adequate amount of remover onto the tissue, and gently wipe to remove with ease.    

Feminine Care  

- Pull 1 sheet and wipe against sensitive area gently to clean & dry up hygienically. Repeat as required and dispose responsibly.    

Toilet Cleaning  

- As a second life, use Super Towel to wipe away water stains and dust in your toilet after cleansing your face.    

Usage Precautions  

- Do not throw into the toilet.  

- Keep in cool dry place away from sunlight.  

- Cease using in the event of any uncomfortable experiences.  

- Store away from infants and children.    

Recommended for  

- Acne Prone Skin  

- Skincare Enthusiasts  

- Hygiene Enthusiasts  

- Mother and Babies


Customer Reviews

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Mei Txxx

不会掉毛, 品质是不错的

Amy Lxx

Good quality and thick texture, absorb water easily