What are the different tier levels and how do I reach them?

Wholesome Living Club has 3 different tiers that will be assigned to you based on how much you spent over a 12-month period:


To become:

  • Classic: Sign up a Wholesome Living account, no spends are required.
  • Silver: Spend an accumulated amount of RM1000 in your tier cycle.
  • Gold: Spend an accumulated amount of RM2000 in your tier cycle.


  • I joined on 1 Jan 2023 as a Classic tier and made a purchase of RM500 on 1 Jan 2023
  • I made another purchase on RM500 on 10 Jan 2023 and have accumulated RM1000 spends within 12 months from my signup date (1 Jan 2023)
  • Hence, I am upgraded to Silver on 10 Jan 2023, with my tier expiry date updated to 9 Jan 2024 (12 months or 365 days later)
Between 10 Jan 2023 to 9 Jan 2024, I do not make any purchase, I will downgrade to Classic on 10 Jan 2024.