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Plantezyme 用户 给我们的 5 星好评

一直以来 肠胃消化系统 不是那么好,容易胀气,消化不良,便秘等问题
今天吃了晚餐,家乡回来,赶快吃了一包 Plantezyme
过了不久,感觉到它 开始在肠胃 做工了。
嘴巴一直 “er" 空气出来;还一直 “放气”,
把堆积在里面的气体 排出来
最棒的是,过程完全 没有 绞肚痛 奔厕所的窘境
肠胃不适,涨风,消化不良 的救星!
Low Sxx Peng
Frequent consumer of prebiotic + probiotics supplements myself since 10 years ago. Although I have taken a 3-in-1, enzyme, prebiotic, and probiotics, combined formula before, none tasted so natural as plantezyme, love the natural pineapple taste. Always look forward to taking it every day ☺️.
以前别人觉得我很瘦,但是其实我吃一点点东西小腹就会大大突出来。现在吃了plantezyme 过后,再加上运动,现在我的小腹bye bye了~
Kittx Lxx
吃了Plantezyme两个月后… 消化和排泄功能好了… 身体没堆积肥油… 我锻炼的腹肌也明显了…
Agxxx Low
如果我的午餐或晚餐是heavy的, 我就会吃一包。改善很多,不然肚子会一直涨或打隔。
CarXX Tan
Working in office has been one of the issues that cause my unsuccessful weight management. This is due to sitting at a same seat for a long working time. Now, I consume Plantezyme daily and my weight has been dropping slowly and steadily
Anne Lxx
Whenever I feel nausea and uncomfortable after eating too much during gathering or reunion, I will consume one pack of Plantezyme. This is because it will help to reduce indigestion & bloating by breaking down fats, proteins and carbohydrate.
Nicky Hxx
以前觉得是年纪大了消化变慢时不能改变的事,吃了plantezyme 后不但不会觉得顶着顶着,肚子也不会时常涨风,便秘也没有时常来找我了。