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Wholesome Living
Wholesome Living
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Good Source of B Vitamins
Source of Fibre
Source of Protein
Pleasantly Cheesy Flavour
100% Vegan
Gluten Free



- Brand: WholesomeLiving

- Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce (Light) x 1

- Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce (Thick) x 1

- Organic Fermented Black Bean (Wet) - Taucu x 1

- No MSG, No Preservative, No Colouring

- Non-GMO Black Beans

- 100% Vegan & Natural

- Traditional Brewing Method

- 70年历史传统发酵手艺

- Sun-dried naturally

- A healthy alternative to oyster sauce

- Perfect for cooking, dipping sauce, pickle, condiment etc.


- Omega-3
- Superfood
- Antioxidants
- High in Fiber
- Gluten Free
- Vegan
- Egg Replacer
- Only Use Organic Ingredients