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[Pre-Order: 14 Working Days] Yan Wo Wang Fresh Cooked (3g Birdnest) Weekly Promo Package 70ml x 6 Bowls

RM 264.00

Yan Wo Wang—Long Stripe Bird's Nest, developing automated production systems with biotechnology while staying at the forefront of scientific and clinical research to develop new edible bird's nest products. It will be cooked, pack, deliver only after you place an order.

Let's get your wonderful day started with Yan Wo Wang!


Product Highlight

    Origin: Malaysia

    Content of Bird Nest: 3g Dry Bird Nest

    0 Bacteria

    0 Bleach

    0 Preservatives

    0 Artificial Additive

    Good taste with an 80% concentrated edible bird’s nest.

    Exclusive technology to ensure the safety of consumption and nutrition is fully retained.

    A lab test is conducted monthly to ensure the absence and high retention of sialic acid content.

    Enjoy a 5-hour-cooked edible bird’s nest in just a minute.

    The sialic acid content in each bottle is higher than 200 mg.

    Produced from 100% bird nest and certified by HACCP

Why Choose Yan Wo Wang?

    High-quality Raw Materials – using 4A & 5A Grade of Bird’s Nest

    Exclusive Patented Technology

    16 Years of Process Experience

    CNCA Certified Company for Exporter

    International Safety Accreditation


Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Water

Content of Bird Nest: 3g Dry Bird Nest


    Enhance Immunity

    Brain Development

    Skin Tighten

    Anti-wrinkle Whitening and Moisturizing

    Epidemic Growth Factor

    Accelerated Cell Tissue Growth

    Stimulates Collagen Regeneration in the Body

    Keep the Bones Strong

Recommended For

    All ages and at all times

    Ladies' daily beauty care regimen

    New mothers-to-be who require prenatal nourishment

    New mothers who require postnatal nourishment

    Recovering patients with weakness of the body

    Growing children


    Breastfeeding Mom


    This is a natural product. No preservatives, artificial and food stabilizes added. Hence, the appearances might change over time.

    Individuals allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. milk and eggs should avoid this product

    Storage: Keep Refrigerated 2-4℃

    Direction To Eat: Consume within 4 hours once open

    Term of Validity: 60 days

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