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Sunflower Quinoa Baby Rice 1kg x 4

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It is essential to provide adequate nutrition at early childhood, but as baby’s stomach is still developing, they are not be able to digest the nutritious wholegrain. Therefore, Sunflower Quinoa Baby Rice is specially formulated by our nutritionist. Made with Japonica rice, Tri-colour quinoa and millet, provides baby a good source of protein, fibre, magnesium, vitamin B complex and other mineral. It can not only meet the baby’s nutritious needs, but it is also easily digestible.

3 color- Quinoa, Millet, Pearl Rice

Key Features
Made with Japonica rice, Tri-colour quinoa and millet. Rice in nutrients.
Gluten-free, suitable for baby with sensitivity or allergy to gluten
Soft and Easily digestible formula makes bellies Happy!
Free of preservative and chemical additives

Good Source of Protein. Provides you up to 9 g of protein per 100g, essential for baby to growth and development..
Good Source of Fibre. Provides you up to 6g of fiber per 100g.
Good Source of minerals: Magnesium. Magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention
Good Source of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 /Thiamine is needed for the release of energy from carbohydrates

Recommended for
Suitable for Baby 6 months and above


营养满分,宝宝辅食的最佳选择 想让宝宝得到更全面的营养,可当宝宝开始吃副食品时,肠道还没成熟发育,无法完全消化如五谷杂粮等,营养值偏高的食物,该怎么办? 为了解决这个问题,我们的营养专家特别研发出宝宝的米食组合。由越光米,三色藜麦和小米搭配而成,含丰富的蛋白质,纤维,镁,维生素B群和矿物质。以黄金比例配米,让日常忙碌的你,可为宝宝提供成长时所需的营养素之余,更重要的,就是让宝宝容易消化。口感柔软,容易入口,绝对是宝宝辅食的最佳选择。

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Janel Lxxxxx

Best choice of baby rice! Congee is soft and nutritious for baby