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Sunflower Embryo Wellness Rice 1kg x 4

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Embryo Wellness Rice is Made with Embryo Brown Rice, Black Rice and Red Rice, provides high fiber, low GI (55, GI value), rich in protein and vitamins. Golden ratio formulated by nutritionist, specifically cater for people who live in a modern busy lifestyle.

Embryo Brown Rice, Black Rice, Red Rice

Key Features
Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Fluffy and soft in texture, easier to digest
Made with Embryo brown rice, which using a unique processing method, rich in fiber and nutrients.

Low GI – helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, suitable for diabetics
High in Protein, each 100g provides you up to 9 grams of protein
Rich in dietary fiber , each 100g provides you up to 6.7 grams of dietary fiber
Sustainable energy source. Rich in vitamin B, provides you a longer and more sustainable energy.
High in Antioxidant: Black rice and red rice are rich in phytonutrients: such as anthocyanins and beta-carotene.

Recommended for:
Suitable For all.
Working adult
Elderly (poor digestion/bloated stomach)
Anyone who needs nutrients support.

主要原料:胚芽糙米, 黑米, 红米

黄金比例,让你再忙也能好好吃饭 现代人追逐忙碌生活,让健康素质下滑。想要摄取足够营养,但回到家,已经无力准备,只好草草解决,该怎么办? 胚芽三珍米,是经由我们的营养专家特别为忙碌人生,调配出来的米食组合。由胚芽糙米,黑米和红米搭配而成,是一款高纤维,低升糖指数(GI值),并含丰富蛋白质及维生素的健康米食。给日常忙碌的你,一碗营养补充,让你放心吃下每一口饭

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Lc Lee
Quality Rice

Good digestion compare with normal rice
Mixture of many type of nutrition grains