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[Exp Date:10 Feb 23] PureHarvest Organic Almond Milk Original 1L

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PureHarvest Organic Almond Milk Original was the first almond milk released in the Australian Market back in 2007 and they have perfected the recipe over the years to bring consumers a delicious, organic almond milk made without unnecessary additives.


By soaking the almonds in the traditional manner the germination process begins which helps activate the nut and allows the nutrients to become more bio-available.



Filtered Water, Organic Activated Almonds (7%), Organic Rice Syrup, Plant Calcium, Sea Salt.


Key Features

- Dairy Free

- Gluten Free

- Soy Free

- No Carrageenan

- No Preservative

- No artificial flavours

- No emulsifiers

- No added oil

- Low in carbs

- Low in calories

- No Trans Fat

- High in Nutrients

- Nutty and creamy, delicious


Benefits of Almond Milk

- A good replacement of dairy milk for people with lactose intolerance

- Good source of Calcium which is vital for bone health

- Rich in Vitamin E which is an important antioxidant for our body

- Might lower the risk of heart dseases

- Support weight management


Net Volume

1 Litre


Product of Australia